Updated on 24 Aug. 2011





 Integrated Manufacturing Systems


 'Data Control' becomes the key elements to your success.
We will design and integrate a system to provide you with the appropriate level of information on time and on budget.
  • Production monitoring and reporting
  • Downtime monitoring
  • Date and time stamping of activities
  • Statistical analysis
  • Scheduling routines
  • Routing optimization
  • Recipe management
  • Data acquisition and archival
  • Inventory control systems
  • Database systems
 Programmable Logic Control Systems


 Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC ) is very popular and reliable to control machines and any other of Factory Automation Systems. we have implemented many systems and equipments by using Plc. Therefore our knowledge has grown and we believe the know-how can help you.


 Manufacturing Execution Systems


 We also provide the information for machine maintenance, flow to instruct the people and machines on the activities and tasks needed to make product to a given requirement, the Manufacturing Execution Layer.

 Energy  Saving Support Systems


 The Energy, such as Electricity, Gas, Water and so on, is becoming more expensive year by year. Our system will gather the value of each energy and sometimes warm when the value is too high. By working together, you can see how much spend money for the energy appropriately.


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