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At SANKO DENKI INDONESIA, we specialize in the design, engineering, and fabrication of complex, custom automation equipment.
We provide our customers with innovative solutions utilizing cutting edge technology.
Here are just a few examples of the value added products and services that we deliver every day.
2012 Maintenace Database Customer : Parts Manufacturer
Desicription : After registering daily maintenance report data, this system can sum up machine stop time and maintenance cost.
MTC Database
2012 Tightening Poka-Yoke Equipment Customer : Motor-Cycle Manufacturer
Desicription : To keep product's quality. Check tightening count for a target model. Warning if the count is not fullfilled of count-setting.
2012 Production Control for Injection Line Customer : Printer Parts Manufacturer
Desicription : Install a label printer near an injection machine and the printer connects to server pc via networking.Then an operator picks up a label from the printer and paste it on their product directory.
The system is like a gaweway between their own production control system and injection line.They can reduce labeling-work and no mistake for pasting by this system.Pokayoke
2013 Create Auto Label Print Device Customer : Motor-Cycle Parts Manufacturer
Desicription : After receiving a OK signal from final inspection equipment, this device print out a product label automatically.
This has another function to check the label is proper to the product in front of the operator.
Auto Label
2014 Andon System Customer : Automobile Manufacturer
Desicription : Show up the production line status and emit alarm-sound if an operator pushes call-button
The calling message is going to Maintenance Team directly via network environment.
2014 Handy Terminal Part NG Detection Customer : Automobile Parts Manufacturer
Desicription : This is stand-alone simple application. An operator just scans 2 barcode and this will check both of the barcode correct or not.
Logging data is stored in handy terminal but those data can be transfered to lap-top pc.
HT Develop
2014 Energy Control System Customer : Motor-Cycle Parts Manufacturer
Desicription : The Energy, such as Electricity, Gas, Water and so on, is becoming more expensive year by year.Our system will gather the value of each energy and sometimes warm when the value is too high.By working together, you can see how much spend money for the energy appropriately.
HT Develop

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We have currently been handling to set up Wireless Network Equipments such as Access Point and Switches and already skilled about the installation of them.
Our staff will be able to do survey at your location. This means that we can serve you how many points need to connect to your network system. PT.SANKO DENKI INDONESIA must submit the survey report and quote for hardware equipments and installation services.
wifi survey

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